Issue #185 April 15, 2010

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* Are You Listening?
* Join Me in Las Vegas
* Give Me a K
* Back on Track with Barbara
* Recipe: Crock Pot Spicy Steak
* Success Story: Pam Tremble

Are You Listening?

I recently tried to lose a few pounds.  I was going to be in a video, and the camera really does add 10 pounds, so I thought I would compensate by taking a few pounds off. Over the next month I lost weight and then my weight came to a screeching halt. No matter what I did, I could not lose another pound. 

I had a speaking engagement in Canada at the time when this plateau was at its height, and I was there for 5 days.  While in Canada, my eating habits were terrible. I over ate and was sure that when I returned home, I would have to start the weight loss regime all over again. Much to my surprise I had lost weight rather than gained, and I continue to lose.  My plateau was broken by eating more food.

Our bodies send us messages all the time.  We just have to learn to listen to the message and learn to interpret it. I was not listening to my body which was trying to tell me to eat more food.

Here are a few scenarios of messages that your body may be trying to tell you:

You can’t resist eating something sweet in the late afternoon.  You do your best to stay strong, but you fail over and over again.

What it really means:
Your body needs fuel. It needs energy, but not in the form of calories that are sweet and full of fat, otherwise known as empty calories. You should eat either a piece of fruit or something high in protein such as a protein bar or a low fat ham roll with Light Laughing Cow cheese.

You decide to stop eating breakfast because when you do, you are very hungry again about 10:00 am, however when you don’t eat breakfast, you can go until almost lunch without feeling hungry.

What it really means:
You may be eating foods high in carbs for breakfast.  This causes your blood sugar level to spike causing you to experience hunger when the blood sugar level drops. Breakfast is one of the hardest meals in which to avoid carbs, only because we are told as children that breakfast food is cereal, toast, pancakes, etc. which are simple carbohydrates. Start to rethink breakfast to eat high protein foods that you like followed by a piece of fruit later in the morning.

When you skip breakfast, your metabolism is suppressed until you break that fast and eat some food. You are losing hours of calorie burning until you eat.

Your body sends messages all the time. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you, and be sure that you interpret those messages correctly.

Join Me in Las Vegas

How would you like to visit Las Vegas and attend a fab patient conference?  If so, you do not want to miss the Making It a Lifestyle Conference in Las Vegas June 26th featuring me along with my 2 friends Colleen Cook and Monica Ganz. There are special discounts for 2 people signing up at the same time. Sign up early so that you will be assured to have a seat. You are getting the 3 of us for the price of 1!!

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity

to learn from these legendary leaders

Be inspired by our stories, educated by our wisdom, and motivated by our lasting success. Each of us will provide a keynote presentation, meet and greet opportunity, and book signing.

For additional information on tickets and sponsorship packages, call (800) 339-9129 or visit our website.

If you are a bariatric practice, contact me at for post cards to promote the conference to your patients. Also click here for sponsorship information.

Give Me a K

Those of us who signed on to have gastric bypass surgery, should have known that we were signing on to the possibility of nutritional deficiencies. However, I think that few of us realized the vast number of deficiencies that we would be potentially subject to. One of the surprising deficiencies that some patients are experiencing is a vitamin K deficiency. What? Vitamin K? What’s vitamin K and should I really be concerned? The answer is yes, you should be concerned.

Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin, performs many functions. It helps in the clotting of blood and helps to deliver calcium to your bones.  Therefore if you are deficient, you can experience bleeding gums, easy bruising and thinning bones.

Patients need 300 µg/d supplements per day as opposed to 120 for men and 90 for women who haven’t had gastric bypass surgery. Vitamin K can be found in green leafy vegetables, soybean oils and olive oil. A nice big green leafy salad with dressing made from olive oil is just the ticket you need to help keep your Vitamin K within a healthy range.

Back on Track with Barbara

Internet Mentoring Program

Are you:

Suffering from emotional eating and can’t stop?
Grazing on carbohydrates and can’t control it?
Lacking inspiration to lose the weight you have regained?
Feel you don’t know what to do now that you have had surgery?
Dying to be in better shape`?

 Then you are in luck! My Back on Track Internet
Mentoring Program is just what you need!


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  Crock Pot Spicy Steak

1 pound cubed steak
2 can RoTel tomatoes
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 small onion, sliced
1 green pepper, diced
1 packet beef gravy

Place all ingredients into your crockpot or slow cooker on medium for 4 hours.

Makes 4 servings.

Nutritional Information for each servings:
368 calories; 15 grams carbs, 35 grams protein

If you have a recipe that you would like to share in future issues of this newsletter, please send it to me at

Success Story:
  Pam Tremble

I want to offer Pam Tremble a special thanks for sharing her success with us. Here is her story:

Dear Barbara,
On November 13, 2007 I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.  This is the story of my journey to health. 

With a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which created insulin resistance and a hormonal imbalance, my body simply would not allow me to lose the weight I tried so hard to lose.  After years of failed dieting, exercise that made little difference and the advice of my ill-informed doctor to “just try harder,” I was at the end of my rope.  I consulted with a bariatric surgeon and realized I needed medical intervention and that there was a real option for me to get healthy. I made the agonizing decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The approval process took over a year which gave me plenty of time to be 110% sure it was the right decision for me. 

Roux-en-Y (RNY) gastric bypass surgery is a complex rearrangement of my digestive system.  My stomach was remade into a pouch that, at the time of surgery could hold about 1 to 2 ounces of food (it has now grown and can hold about 6-8 ounces) -  compared to a normal stomach that can hold up to 16 cups of food.  A portion of my small intestine was bypassed so I no longer absorb all the calories I eat.  Of course, this also means that I no longer absorb all the vitamins and minerals contained in food, so I am on a strict regimen of vitamins and supplements.  The restriction of a smaller stomach and the malabsorption of a bypassed intestine along with following a strict diet and exercise program is what cause the weight loss after RNY. 

After a quick recovery from surgery the real work began.  Imagine suddenly having the stomach of a newborn infant and needing to learn how to drink, chew and swallow food as if you were a baby. Calling it a lesson in humility and experimentation is an understatement. 

Within 6 weeks after surgery I had lost 40 pounds and was off all medications for high blood pressure, asthma and allergies.  I was finally able to sleep through the night, my chronic back and joint pain vanished and the symptoms of my PCOS were slowing going away too.

Three months after my surgery I hesitantly signed up for a 20-week fitness training program which included completing a 10-mile race and a 13.1-mile half marathon race held in October.  I signed up with a huge doubt hanging over my head.  “How can a morbidly obese person ever hope to finish a half marathon?”  But even with the doubts, I just put one foot in front of the other and transformed myself into Walker Girl. 

I was walking an average of 40 miles every month and slowly the hesitation about my ability to walk a half marathon grew into a confidence that the finish line was squarely within my reach.  I may have finished near the end of the pack of 4,000 other racers, but it didn’t matter, it was all about achieving the goal I had set for myself.

I’ve recently joined a gym and am starting a new phase of my workouts with weight training and yoga.  Walker Girl was back again in the spring when the snow melted. 

To me this journey has always been about more than just losing weight.  Being skinny was never my goal.  Being healthy and having the opportunity to live a longer, happier life has been my main focus.  I have set many other “life goals” that have nothing to do with the number on a scale or how many miles I can walk or what size jeans I can fit into. I set goals that focused not only on my physical health, but also my emotional, spiritual, financial, intellectual, vocational and creative health, the health of my relationships and overall character.  Having a written plan and specific goals for all areas of my life has helped me stay focused on what is really important and what I want to achieve.

So here I am 2 1/2 years after my surgery, and I’ve lost 110 pounds so far.  There is still a little ways to go before I hit my goal weight, but when I look at all the other goals I have achieved I know that I am already a success.

Pam Tremble

Congratulations Pam


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